Morghe Sahar

This song is probably the most popular Iranian song. I remember vividly at a Shajarian concert a few years ago we attended in Toronto, how annoyed Shajarian was when at the end everyone started to scream “Morgh’e Sahar!”.

Anyway, being completely inundated with work, I decided to spend time translating it to English since I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere. Please feel free to correct or expand my translation. This really stretched the limits of my Farsi…

A video has been included for your listening pleasure.
(notice the people crying in the video.. I counted several.)

morgh’e sahar - morning bird

morgh’e sahar, naale sar kon - morning bird, mourn
morgh’e sahar, naale sar kon - morning bird, mourn
daagh’e ma ra taaze tar kon - further renew my pain

z’aah shararbar, een ghafas raa
barshekan o, zeer o zebar kon

- with a sigh that rains fire,
break this cage and overturn it

bolbol’e par-baste, ze kaaj’e ghafas daraa
naghme’ye azadi no’e bashar saraa

-flightless nightingale, from the pine cage sing humanity’s song of freedom

va’z nafas arseye een khake tudeh ra,
por sharar kon

-from the breath of the masses
fill the open earth with fire (?)

zolm, zalem
jor-e sayyad.

-oppression, the oppressor
the hunter’s oppression

aasheeyan’am daade bar baad

- it has left my nest dwindling in the wind,

ey khoda, ey falak, ey tabee-at
shaam’e taareek’e maara, sahar kon

- god, universe, nature
make our dark evening into dawn

no-bahar ast
gol be bar ast

- it’s a new a spring
the flowers have bloomed

abr cheshmam
jale bar ast

- the clouds in my eyes
are filled with dew

een ghafas, chon delam, tang o taar ast

- this cage, like my heart, is suffocated and dark

sho’le fekan, dar ghafas, ey aah aatasheen

- oh fiery sigh! start a flame in this cage,

dast tabee’at, gol’e omr’e mara macheen
- nature’s hand, don’t cut short this flower of my life

janeb aashegh negah ey taaze-gol az een -
look at my dear young flower

beeshtar kon! beeshtar kon! beeshtar kon! -
make it more! [sing more loudly(?)]

morgh’e beedel, sharh hejran!
mokhtasar kon! mokhtasar kon!

- you heartless bird
make it brief! make it brief;
the story of your separation,

4 Responses to “Morghe Sahar”

  1. Atoosa says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the translation. I appreciate it.

    But it still doesn’t explain the meaning behind the song. This song is supposed to be about freedom, right?

    I was under the impression that the bird of dawn is being told to stop complaining about his imprisoned situation and to do something about it.

    On second thought, I think with your translation, I sort of get it now. You couldn’t translate the second half for me, could you? It’s on youtube under Gissoo Shakeri “Morghe Sahar.” If I could get the translation of the second half, the first half would make more sense.

  2. Meena says:

    I think it is good if you know the words in the song in Persian.
    مرغ سحر ناله سر کن
    داغ مرا تازه تر کن
    ز آه شرر بار ، این قفس را
    بر شکن و زیر زبر کن
    بلبل پر بسته ز کنج قفس درا
    نغمه آزادی نوع بشر سرا
    وزنفسی عرصه این خاک توده را
    پر شرر کن
    ظلم ظالم ، جور صیّاد
    آشیانم ، داده بر باد
    شام تاریک ما را سحر کن !
    نو بهار است ، گل به بار است
    ابر چشمم ، ژاله بار است
    این قفس ، چون دلم ، تنگ و تار است .
    شعله فکن در قفس ای آه آتشین
    دست طبیعت گل عمر مرا مچین !
    جانب عاشق نگه ای تازه گل ، از این
    بیشتر کن ! بیشتر کن ! بیشتر کن !
    مرغ بیدل ، شرح هجران ،
    مختصر ، مختصر کن !

  3. Gelareh says:

    this is really nice - good translation! :-)

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